First African Methodist Episcopal ChurchFirst African Methodist Episcopal Church of Gaithersburg

Vision News Post

Pastor Barbara Y, Glenn, our spiritual leader, delivered a sermon to the congregation where she articulated a Vision for our church. Her Vision was to “Build an organization that was dedicated to discipleship, education, economic empowerment and the expansion of the ministry:

“Can You See IT”


Diverse in culture, United in Faith

We see a Church, in the midst of diversity, Exalting Christ, Praying & PRAISING with one voice to God’s Glory and the community’s benefit;

We see a Church, maturing in the faith, Equipping & Empowering God’s People. Filled with young people & not so young learning skills for living & serving God;

We see a Church not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ, Empowered to act boldly in Expanding God’s Kingdom as souls come To Christ through witness and Evangelism;

We see a Church Expressing God’s love through ministry & fellowship.