First African Methodist Episcopal ChurchFirst African Methodist Episcopal Church of Gaithersburg


Servant Leadership

“For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many. Mathew 20:28”

Steward Board

The Board of Stewards is responsible for the Spiritual health of the church.  They are responsible for the welfare of the Pastor and seek to assist in the needs of the congregation.  They oversee the church operations to include all ministries, finances, and organization

Trustee Board

The Trustee Board manages all the temporal concerns of the church.  They are responsible for the real estate, church building, parsonage, and any other property obtained by the local church. They make improvements upon the property or real estate when authorized to do so by a majority of the legal members of the church..


The Stewardess Board assists the Stewards in the sacraments of the church. They provide  and serve the implements and elements of the Holy Communion and Holy Baptism. They prepare pulpit and dress altar rail with suitable clean white coverings for these rituals.

Class Leaders

The Class Leaders inquire how each soul prospers, visit their members from time to time, and receive what they are willing to contribute for the support of the Gospel.  They watch over new members with special care and recommend those who are eligible for full membership, upon their profession of saving faith in the Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ.

The Official Board

The official Board is composed of class leaders, exhorters, deaconesses, stewards, trustees, stewardesses and presidents of organizations.